On the Road for 1 month

From mid-December to mid-January was spent on the road with my wee-little family... this post highlights some of our adventures and beautiful areas that were explored during that time.

 My husband had just left his job to focus on his music, and my work had slowed down due to the holiday's ... so we decided to hit the road and drive coast to coast.

After visiting Arches National Park, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, random coffee shops in passing cities, Vegas, Colorado, and our family on the East Coast & Midwest, we had to start heading back home!  

Due to the bitter cold we endured in WI we decided to hit the coast on the way back to Seattle.  What was a couple extra days at this point?!?  

Hello California  

We found this adorable little motel in LA.  

We found this adorable little motel in LA.  

After spending a day in LA and Venice Beach we drove to Palm Dessert to visit my Grandfather.  We ended up staying with him for two nights, and took a day trip to Joshua Tree before hitting up HWY 101 to Seattle!

palm dessert
Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

joshua tree rock climbing

HWY 101 and Big Sur never disappoint! 

big sur

Then we enjoyed our last sunset on the road and finished our drive home.  It was such an amazing month full of so much exploring, seeing family & friends, and new discoveries.  I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to be able to leave for a month and be on the road!  It's where I feel most alive. 

big sur, CA

Best Restaurants : Seattle Magazine

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of contributing to the Best Restaurant's issue for Seattle Magazine.  

As April approaches I get very excited to see what establishments I will be documenting and food dishes I will be discovering.  Without a doubt I end up with a list of places I wish to return and dine at.  

London Plane


Here is the list of the Best New Restaurants of Seattle, April 2015.  

Damn The Weather

damn the weather
damn the weather
damn the weather
caesar salad sandwich

Single Shot

single shot
singleshot seattle


trove seattle
trove bar
trove bbq
bbq seattle
trove custard
parfait at trove

Taylor Shellfish

taylor shellfish

Trend We Love

  1. Fishy Fish : Mashiko
  2. House-churned butter : BottleHouse
  3. Ramen : Hokkaido
  4. Yogurt : Sitka & Spruce
  5. Over-the-top, High-end Burgers : Loulay
  6. Growler-filling Stations : Beer Junction
house churned butter
local seattle honey
bottlehouse seattle
beer junction


manolin seattle

Bourbon & Bones

bourbon and bones
mac and cheese seattle

Lark / Bitter Raw

lark/bitter raw

Dough Zone

dough zone
dough zone

Pizzeria Gabbiano

pizzeria gabbiano
seattle pizza
mike easton pizzeria

Mammoth Sandwich


{In the running}  Stateside


Outdoor Project

This past summer I landed my dream job; getting paid to hike and photograph the beautiful outdoors.

The Outdoor Project is an amazing company that is designed to educate those outdoor lovers on trail conditions, campgrounds, and a variety of different types of adventures that may be just steps from your doorstep.

I spent between 5 to 6 days a week from June to November driving to some of the most amazing hiking trails in the Washington area.  It was so educational as well as meditative. I was so lucky to have had this opportunity to document the beauty that surrounds me!  Here are some of my favorite images from my season job in the woods.  Enjoy