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In recent years, I have changed my diet from being a strict vegetarian to a pescatarian.  So, when running around the city and photographing some of the best seafood in the area, I was able to actually sample these amazing seafood dishes.  

taylor shellfish

taylor shellfish

Since I was able to actually enjoy and sample all the dishes I was shooting for this issue I decided to list them in order by my favorite.

So, with that, I begin with OYSTERS!

It wasn't until I moved to Seattle that I began eating & enjoying oysters. And I must say, they are damn good.  For this article, I had the opportunity to try a few different restaurants that served oysters...I am starting with Taylor Shellfish.

This restaurant seriously has some of the most amazingly beautiful seafood plates.

Best Restaurants

One of my favorite issues to work on for Seattle Magazine is the Best Restaurants feature.  It is full of amazingly beautiful food from some of the best chefs.  This year was no exception!

Eden Hill

duck/goose pate

duck/goose pate

Pea Flan

Pea Flan

veggie hash

 Matthew Parker : The Designer


Dong Thap Noodles

The Tastemakers:

Edouardo Jordan, Jason Stratton, Akiko Graham, & Matthew Parker

Peter & Picara {Spain Wedding}


Is the best word to use when describing my cousin's wedding in Spain.


It was a long journey from Seattle to San Sebastian, Spain!  But I felt so lucky to have been invited to photograph my cousin's special day.  

Day 1

My trip began in Madrid, where I met up with my family and quickly settled into our hotel.  Then we immediate dove into the Spanish culture by cafe hopping, walking around town, and eating wonderful food!


Day 2

We arrive to our Villa in San Sebastian.

After bringing our luggage in and figuring out our sleeping arrangements (it was like an episode of the Real World) we ventured into town and grabbed our first meal in San Sebastian. We accidentilly ended up in this amazing little restaurant that had award winning Cheesecake. 

We made sure to bring a whole cheesecake back with us to the Villa! It was damn good.

san sebastan

Day 3

I highly enjoyed my first full day in San Sebastian.  Before the wedding festivities got started I spent the day with my cousin, Frankie, and his lovely wife.  It was so laid back and enjoyable to just meander around town.  It was my first time visiting Spain, and I was trying to make the most of my short time here.

We wandered around and stopped for gelato, tapas, espresso, and decadent desserts.  Thank goodness we walked, because by the time we got back to the house, we had to get ready to eat again.  

A quick dip in the pool before getting all dressed up...why not?! 

Then we are all off for a mind blowing dinning experience at Mugaritz.

 24 individually tailored courses from the no.6 restaurant in the World.

A sneak peek behind the scenes 

A sneak peek behind the scenes 

The lovely parents of the Bride & Groom

The whole wedding group in front of Mugaritz

The whole wedding group in front of Mugaritz

Day 4 : Wedding Day

With the big day ahead of us, we enjoyed breakfast at the Villa and began the process of getting ready!  It was a day full of family, love, celebration, the joining of families, food, joy, happiness, and pure beauty.  It simply was wonderful, from start to finish.  It was very Peter & Picara!

the first look...

The Ceremony 

My favorite part of the 'Wedding Day' was having the chance to take the newly weds into town and photograph them on the streets of San Sebastian. The looks on people's face as these two walked by them was so fun to watch. Also, the custom dress my cousin wore had people jaw dropping.  



Reception dinner at Rekondo

{ where incredible food was consumed and a variety of unique bottles of wine, including a bottle from 1920! }


Day 5

We spent the last day in San Sebastian wandering around leisurely, shopping for souvenirs, and keeping it low key.  The previous nights festivities had everyone in a 'slow' moving pace. 

Pop Up Pasta with Cary Kemp

Mark Fuller & Cary Kemp are now hosting Monday night PopUp Pasta at Quadrato, in West Seattle. Cary invited me to experience the whole process from start to finish. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Cary at Pizzeria 22 in the past and was so excited to share some more love for him and his new restaurant.  


Being 100% Italian and growing up with Pasta at the dinner table weekly, made this experience more personal & special to me.  Sharing a kitchen with a chef and seeing him work can be a very unique and intimate experience.  While music and laughter fills the space you sit back and enjoy the process.

All prep work complete!  Now, we sit, sip on wine, and soak in some sunshine till opening.